If Trees Could Talk… or Sing

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By Connie Veates, Trees Atlanta I’ve often wondered about the stories that trees could tell us as they stand sentry for decades observing events and people from one single vantage point. I am especially curious about Atlanta’s Champion trees….those trees that are among the oldest and largest in our city. As I was recently perusing [...]

Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell talks touring and coming home to Georgia

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On an early May afternoon, Chuck Leavell was preparing to sound check at Eddie’s Attic, where that night he would play a benefit concert for Westchester Elementary School in Decatur, which his grandsons Miles and Rocco attend. Leavell was helping the school raise funds for musical instruments and field trips to explore music and nature [...]

Legacy Landowners: Rose Lane & Chuck Leavell | Charlane Plantation

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For three decades, this Georgia couple has practiced what they preached on their cherished plantation, sharing the gospel of stewardship with those they welcome onto their land and the many they meet on their global sojourns. The Land Report is proud to honor Rose Lane and Chuck Leavell as our 2013 Legacy Landowners. Our 2013 [...]

Keyboardist Chuck Leavell discusses life as tree farmer, ecologist

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Chuck Leavell’s garden back home in Georgia has it all. Well, almost. “Tomatoes — a variety: Big Boys, Best Boys, heirlooms — sweet corn, various squashes, cucumbers, peppers — we love peppers, we love spicy things — yellow and green bell peppers, okra,” Leavell says. No onions? “Well, Vidalias come from down there, near us. [...]